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Our InVestra team consists exclusively of seasoned Wealth Management Professionals. We set ourselves apart from other financial management firms by not relying on “learning on the job” advisors to oversee your investments. We firmly believe that your pursuit of financial goals should not be an experiment in training. Our approach is to thoroughly comprehend your entire financial landscape, including your requirements, aspirations, and concerns, so that we can help you address, strategize, and prioritize your objectives. Subsequently, we collaborate with you to formulate a holistic strategy for realizing your dreams. Whether your goals are straightforward or intricate, we recognize that a successful plan involves a practical strategy, actionable steps, and skillful guidance to navigate your financial journey.

We believe that adopting a personalized approach is the pivotal initial step in crafting a meaningful financial plan. Our team dedicates itself to understanding each client on an individual basis, taking into account various aspects of your financial scenario. This encompasses your financial goals, timeframes, risk tolerance, lifestyle, immediate needs, current worries, ability to endure short-term portfolio fluctuations, and your vision for both your personal and family’s future.

We occasionally encounter individuals who inquire about portfolio recommendations before sharing their goals. Yet, without a deep comprehension of your objectives, we cannot offer meaningful recommendations. This is akin to how a doctor cannot prescribe a treatment plan without first conducting a thorough examination of your condition. Only after understanding your specific situation can we construct a plan that serves your long-term interests and a comprehensive suite of services to support that plan, enabling you to lead your financial life in the manner you rightfully deserve.

A Wealth Advisor can assume one of the most pivotal roles in an individual’s life, forging enduring relationships and offering invaluable guidance. It’s no wonder that discovering an advisor you have faith in, and with whom you can establish a long-term partnership, can be quite intimidating.

Here at InVestra, we empathize with the daunting nature of this process, as entrusting someone with your hard-earned assets is a profound decision. We consider ourselves fortunate to have cultivated a thriving practice over the years, built on collaborations with individuals whom we genuinely believe we can assist and who entrust us with their financial futures.

Who Should You Trust to Help Manage Your Financial Future?

When you’re in the process of interviewing a Wealth Manager to assist in achieving your family’s financial objectives, keep this in mind:

InVestra is proud to have financial industry veterans on our team who have dedicated decades to honing their expertise, acquiring necessary qualifications, and expanding their market insights. This collective experience is what we believe provides our clients with an exceptionally comprehensive service.

Our Comprehensive Wealth Management Services Include:

Education Planning:

College Planning
Education IRAs
Financial Aid Planning
Coverdell ESAs
529 Plans

Retirement Planning:

Defined Contribution Plans
Defined Benefit Plans
Executive Compensation
Distribution Planning

Investment Planning:

Asset Allocation
Risk Assessment
Tax Consequences
Portfolio Strategies
Risk Management

Financial Planning:

Asset Management
Insurance Protection
Long-Term Care
Business Succession Plan
Cash-Flow Planning
Tax Planning
Insurance Assessment
Goals-Based Saving
Business Financial Planning

Estate Planning:

Will Planning*
Trust Planning*
Wealth Transfers*
Charitable Giving
Family Limited Partnerships*
High Net-Work Consulting

*InVestra Financial Services and LPL Financial do not provide legal advice or services. Please consult your legal advisor regarding your specific situation.

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