Erin Eiras, SmartVestor Pro

Erin Eiras, CPFA, CEPA, President and Founder of InVestra, has been in the business of Wealth Management for almost two decades. She enjoys being an authentic steward of her clients and their loved ones by empowering them to live life like herself: debt-free and independent of ongoing financial hardships. At InVestra, building legacies of generational wealth and charitable giving are both at the heart of the practice.

Erin’s mission as your SmartVestor Pro is simple and sincere: to be your ally and create an environment where you feel comfortable asking questions and are ready to gain the knowledge you need to move forward in your journey toward creating a life of significance.

What sets us apart?

When considering what qualities to look for when hiring an advisor, one of the first things that probably comes to mind is experience. While most advisors possess this quality, you must ask yourself: ‘At what cost?’

Here at InVestra, our team is led by a veteran in the business: Erin Eiras, a distinguished advisor in her 19th year of business, who is at the tender age of 42 years old, is quite accomplished and is ardent about sharing her keys to success and partnering with you on your journey to wealth creation and sustentation. Thanks to the combination of her many years of experience and her young age, you should have a Wealth Partner for the next 20-25 years.

If that’s something that’s important to you, you’ll know that those statistics are a rarity in the business of financial advisory. Being an advocate for her clients is her passion, and she has spent her entire adult life in pursuit of educating and empowering them to lead lives of significance.

As a true believer in Dave Ramsey and his process, we encourage you to ask yourself the following few questions before engaging with a new investment management firm: Does the potential advisor you are looking to hire utilize a legitimate office space? (Not a room in their home, but a commercial office.) If so, do they own said office space, or do they rent? Finally, if owned, make note of whether they have a mortgage on it. The answers to these questions matter! In fact, they’re critical. Here at InVestra Financial Services, we value lives lived free from debt.  We are honored to own (with NO mortgage) a beautiful high-rise office overlooking the St. Johns River here on San Marco’s Southbank in the River City of Jacksonville, FL. Having an office (rented or bought) to operate out of is considered a basic qualifier for a Wealth Management Professional. Furthermore, truly being debt-free is a significant differentiator and one more reason why you should hire someone with the heart and soul of a true financial steward who can demonstrate how no one has ever regretted living life debt-free, especially a Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Pro.

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