The Client Expense Worksheets

By thoroughly analyzing the information documented by clients on InVestra’s Client Budget Worksheet, our financial planning department gains critical insight. The information here forms the basis for crafting a comprehensive financial plan that aligns with your unique circumstances and aspirations. It serves as a compass, guiding our paraplanners in developing personalized strategies that empower clients to progress in their journey to financial freedom with confidence and clarity.

The Client Intake Form

The purpose of InVestra’s Client Intake Form is to gather comprehensive information about a client’s financial situation, goals, and preferences. This form serves as the initial step in establishing a productive and mutually beneficial relationship between a client and a Wealth Management firm.


The Client Insurance Questionnaire

This questionnaire serves as a crucial initial step in the insurance planning process and enables InVestra to assess your needs and provide tailored recommendations and assistance.


The Client Risk Assessment Form

The Risk Questionnaire process was built upon decades worth of behavioral economic work including but not limited to the academic framework called Prospect Theory that won the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2002.

The Risk Number and corresponding risk/reward range empower the advisor-client relationship with stated expectations. Gone are the days of clients and advisors putting their faith in subjective, loosely defined semantics like moderate, conservative, and moderately conservative. Now the advisor-client relationship is empowered by transparent, objective, well-defined, actionable expectations and the probability of success is quantified and unemotional.

Client Forms

Important documents are available here for your convenience.

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