Perhaps your doctor, lawyer, and accountant are trusted advisors. Through years of working with them, they have come to know your family and your particular needs. How about your investment representative orWealth Advisor? Have you built the same kind of trusting relationship with her?

Investing for Long-Term Goals

Wealth Advisors help you create a portfolio with an asset allocation strategy that suits your family’s needs and goals while maximizing your potential returns. She can also assist you with regular portfolio reviews. When rebalancing your portfolio becomes necessary, she’ll even help you consider any moves to make in the most tax-efficient manner.

Short-Term Savings

Are you among the many Americans who have neglected to create a cash cushion?

Having between three and six months cash available can help you pay for unexpected expenses and potentially safeguard your long-term investment goals. Without short-term savings, you may find yourself having to sell investments to meet your obligations. If you have no such fund, your Wealth Advisor and her paraplanning team are there to help you get there.


With more and more Americans living longer, healthier lives, it’s quite possible that today’s retiree could spend upwards of 20 or even 30 years in retirement! That raises an important question: Are you setting aside enough savings to help support a lengthy retirement? Your Wealth Advisor can help you determine how much money you’ll need to retire and then work with you to build the portfolio that can help you fund the kind of retirement you have in mind.


In recent years, the cost of a college education has outpaced the rate of inflation. Your investment representative can help you come up with creative potential funding solutions for your children’s education.

Estate Planning

Contrary to conventional thinking, estate planning is not just for the wealthy. With some planning, you can potentially minimize gift and estate taxes and keep more of your assets for those you care about. You have many options for estate planning, and many experts recommend using a qualified professional to develop an appropriate plan.

InVestra is here to help – whether you have a specific need or just “don’t know what you need to know,” we are here to help you find success in life’s journey.