“Being a private wealth advisor with InVestra Financial Services as it has seen so much growth has been a pleasure, and I’m happy to announce that we plan to continue that trajectory by investing in back into our team and recognizing the new credentials that have recently obtained by some of its members. All for the intention of being qualified to better serve our client advocates, InVestra has added a Financial Paraplanner Professional, a dedicated Insurance Consultant, and a Notary Public to better equip and serve our client base as a team that works effectively in order to ensure that you have a financial plan at the ready, no matter what your goals are.” – Erin D. Erias, CPFA and President of InVestra Financial Services

Ellie Tenge has acted as a key facet of our team here since 2020, and has obtained her FPQP, Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional designation to her list of talent, where she will be assisting me in preparing financial plans and making sure those plans stay in place.

Kali Rogers has obtained both her Florida Insurance and Florida Notary Public licenses to both help InVestra with our rapid growth and to aid our existing clients with timely needs-based services such as insurance reviews, additional Life, health or Annuity policies. You can expect her to be in contact with you via telephone following your annual advisory review meeting each year to ensure your insurance needs are being assessed and that you have the necessary plan in place. With a Notary back on staff, we can provide notary services free of charge to our InVestra advocates (please call to set up an appointment).

Additionally, both Ellie and Kali have recently completed LPL’s Office Essentials Program, is a certification designed specifically for office professionals at LPL that focuses on key operational and business processing areas critical for anyone supporting advisors. This training has increased my confidence in their ability to process business and support our investors by increasing system knowledge and efficiency.

Above all, InVestra is committed to ongoing, advanced learning in order to be able to deliver the highest level of service and support to our clients. We support our team here at InVestra so much that we commend their ability to tackle greater responsibilities inside the company. Their willingness to invest in their futures here has earned respect.

This announcement has been a demonstration of our dedication to those we serve and is to ensure advocates of InVestra that we recognize the paramount importance of offering educational opportunities to our employees because it’s how we make sure we are maximizing our productive capacity, never ceasing to expand our knowledge base, and growing perpetually so we can help you continue to thrive.